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Arturo Peralta-Ramos, Nita Murphy, Judith Nasse, and Art Bachrach at the Millicent Rogers Museum

Art Bachrach founded Moby Dickens Bookshop over 25 years ago and became good chums with Paul Peralta-Ramos, Millicent’s youngest son who also had owned a bookshop in New York City.  He then developed a close friendship with Arturo Peralta-Ramos, Millicent’s middle son, and they spent hours telling one another stories, not only about Millicent, but also about their vast world’s experiences. Nita Murphy and Judith Nasse were brought into their many meetings in Art’s and Arturo’s homes, the bookshop, and at the Trading Post CafĂ© to listen to and write the stories. Nita did amazing research into unknown, even to Arturo’s knowledge, facts about Millicent’s life, especially about her and her son’s love for racing cars and her espionage work in World War II. Judith faithfully recorded the stories and helped Art organize them into a coherent form after he could no longer see. Sadly Art passed away a year ago, so this book is a tribute to him as well as to the remarkable Millicent. Nita is the Librarian at Southwest Research Center-UNM-Taos.  Judith is a writer and artist.

 You Tube Videos from our reading at Moby Dickens:
 You Tube readings Part 1 at Moby Dickens

You Tube readings Part 2 at Moby Dickens

You Tube readings Part 3 at Moby Dickens

Our especial gratitude to Lesley Cox of Feel Design Associates for her stunning, elegant design of the book. We'd like to think that Millicent would approve.
The book is published by ABQ press, Judith Van Gieson, publisher, www.ABQpress.com
Books can be ordered through Moby Dickens website www.mobydickens.com or call them at 575-758-3050 to reserve your copy, ABQ press, and will be available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. 
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  • Contact Judith at nasse.judith@gmail.com for further information or to book a signing.
                Mobile: 575-770-2990
                 Mobile: 575-779-7446 

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